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    A Remarkable Life

    In 1881 a mysterious illness left Helen Keller without sight or hearing, through education and research doctors have come to believe it was scarlet fever or meningitis. Luckily, for Helen, her parents found her an excellent and dedicated teacher. In 1887 when Anne Sullivan started working with He... View Post
  • | Pete Cook

    Meet Hipp Jones

    Introduction A hippo can’t swim or float. They walk underwater or stand on sandbanks below the water, with just their nostrils peeking out. They spend most of every day submerged - their sensitive skins need to be protected against the harsh African sun... View Post
  • Inspired by my late brother's remarkable life—and the lives he touched, I recently launched a non-profit to spread hope, love, and knowledge in an innovative and exciting new way. I had just lost my brother and my parents, a son. When we went to his funeral I was expec... View Post