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A Remarkable Life

In 1881 a mysterious illness left Helen Keller without sight or hearing, through education and research doctors have come to believe it was scarlet fever or meningitis.

Luckily, for Helen, her parents found her an excellent and dedicated teacher. In 1887 when Anne Sullivan started working with Helen Keller she was merely a companion however she noticed something in Helen, an intelligence level started to teach her to speak.

Through trial and error, she taught her to make connections between objects and letters while spelling it out in her hand.

Eventually, Helen learned to speak audibly and even attended college. She became a well-known celebrity and lecturer sharing her experiences with audiences worldwide and worked tirelessly on behalf of those living with disabilities.

Just prior to her 88th birthday Keller passed away (1968.) During her incredible life Keller tackled social and political issues and advocated to improve the lives of, especially, the blind in America.

Helen Keller once said that character needs to be developed through experience and suffering. We all know that an easy life doesn’t develop character. The soul can only be strengthened in this way.

It’s human nature to want an ordinary and uneventful life. Clearly nobody would choose suffering and hardship, pain or loss for themselves or their loved ones. We want everything to be simple and easy. We want our successes and inspirations all to be a quiet natural part of life.

Ironically, this is not how life works. A little girl suffered, in bewilderment with deafness and blindness, cut off from everything she knew, she had to start from scratch, to make sense of the world again but once she got there she became a powerful example to millions of people even today.

There are many stories like this.

The golden thread through each of them – and perhaps you can attest to this yourself – is that through trial and suffering one is molded into being something more than you would have been without it. Suffering inspires, strengthens and molds us: for greater things.

I remember the day the audiologist told us that our little 4-year old boy is profoundly deaf and would be required to wear hearing aids for the rest of his life. I cried and cried. He was a beautiful child, with such a sweet temperament. I cried when thinking about how life will be for him in the years ahead. He will always be different, tainted with hearing aids. He would be a target for bullies.

It has been 7 years. What a journey it has been! I can honestly say I will not have it any different.

That sweet little boy turned out to be so strong and wise, beyond his years. He is popular among his friends and people hardly notice his hearing aids when they get to know him. The hearing aids do not define him but make him more present, more compassionate and more loving.

This is just a small anecdote and cannot even be compared with the suffering and hardship that Helen Keller faced in the 18 th century. She stands as a great example of how resolve, hard work, and positive thinking can allow an individual to triumph over hardships.

Hippo Jones and The Largest Heart

The mission of Hippo Jones is to support people like Helen Keller and others that look out for the less fortunate amongst us. Who pay it forward and make the planet a little better for it!

Hippo Jones is in the business of spreading Hope and Love. Hippo Jones gives 90% of its profits to charity. Largest Heart, a 501c3 non-profit that changing the world one cause at a time. Largest Heart support’s fellow non-profit organizations by running a campaign where the public can choose its “cause” for the year. It can be homelessness, hunger, addiction, suicide or any other cause of your choice, even deafness.

All the donations will be given to the chosen cause’s top 3 non-profits to make the world a better place. We can only hope that Helen Keller would have approved.