Innovative New Non-profit Launches: Largest

Inspired by my late brother's remarkable life—and the lives he touched, I recently launched a non-profit to spread hope, love, and knowledge in an innovative and exciting new way.

I had just lost my brother and my parents, a son. When we went to his funeral I was expecting to be consoled by his friends. Instead, we were the ones consoling them, some even hysterical at his sudden death. His “adopted” family needed us and us, them. The number of people that came out to mourn and celebrate his life was overwhelming.  We held memorials in the U.S. and in South America, where he had spent much of his professional career and in both locations the churches could not contain the crowds who came to pay their respects. 

Inside of me something spiritual happened—I was transformed. It was a time of pain and sorrow like I’ve never experienced but also one of love like none other. There was crying, laughing, and hearing stories my brother was too humble to ever share. Friends recounted stories and each one was even more incredible than the next. Hearing them has altered the trajectory of my life.

It showed me how one person truly can make the difference in someone else’s life. He certainly did in mine! This has led to the launching of Largest Heart. Largest Heart harnesses the wisdom of crowds to:

1) help identify the most pressing need in America, 
2) identify the non-profit doing the best work in that field, and 
3) have proceeds go to that nonprofit who, in turn, shares their knowledge so that the whole nonprofit community can be ever stronger. 

We are so pleased to partner with Impress Ink on this exciting new adventure! Their shirts and totes are a huge hit and what better way to get hope, love, and knowledge out there then giving out walking billboards.  This has been an amazing journey so far and I’m excited for the opportunity to make a difference that is up ahead.  

Go to  and vote your cause and get one of our incredible shirts/totes where 90% of the proceeds go to the winning cause!   

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