Meet Hipp Jones


A hippo can’t swim or float. They walk underwater or stand on sandbanks below the water, with just their nostrils peeking out. They spend most of every day submerged - their sensitive skins need to be protected against the harsh African sun. 

Meet Hippo Jones! We are an e-commerce shop that wants to walk discreetly into your heart, with the bulk of our mission lurking quietly beneath the surface.

There is a story behind the story of Hippo Jones 

Earlier this year, a non-profit organization was launched. Called Largest Heart, it was created in memory of Peter Cook’s brother, Andrew, whose larger-than-life legacy is now living on through this non-profit company. 

Based on the principles of hope, love, and knowledge, Largest Heart’s mission is to change the world – one opportunity at a time. 

Spotlight on a need 

The idea behind Largest Heart is to identify a great social need in America each year.

It may be addiction, cancer, homelessness, human trafficking or suicide. Largest Heart lets you have a say by letting you vote for the cause that you think is most important.

When the cause is identified, a host of non-profits associated with it will get funding. In fact, Largest Heart promises that 90% of all donations will go directly to spread love and hope in that much-needed area. 

In turn, the non-profits will also have a chance to do good and share their knowledge with others (for example, through case studies or mentorship) to ultimately create a stronger non-profit environment to benefit all. 

Hippo Jones is a lifestyle 

Enter the Hippo Jones, E-commerce store. 90% of all the proceeds of products sold in this online shop will be funneled to Largest Heart. 

Paying it forward 

Hippo Jones supports the idea of ‘paying it forward’ – a concept that Andrew believed in wholeheartedly. 

Although the concept was made popular in 2000 by a film with the same name, the notion was actually coined in 1916. Lily Hardy Hammond wrote in her book In the Garden of Delight: 

"You don't pay love back, you pay it forward." 

The expression is used to describe the action where the recipient of a good deed does not have to repay the original benefactor, but rather spread the feeling of goodwill and ‘pay it forward’ by giving to someone else. 

Andrew’s legacy 

Peter Cooks tells the story of the last time he saw his brother alive. He commented on the nice shirt his brother was wearing. Andrew promptly stopped and gave his brother the shirt off his back. 

This is what Hippo Jones wants to do in a figurative sense. With the proceeds from this online shop will be paid forward to Largest Heart. 


Hippos can close their nostrils and ears so that water cannot enter. Hanging in their silent world of water, they resurface every three to five minutes to breathe. This is an automatic process – even sleeping hippos can go to the surface to breathe without waking. 

But, Hippo Jones is not 100% hippo. It’s an attitude. It’s a belief. It’s like the old starfish story, where an old man sees a boy throwing a starfish back into the ocean on a beach filled with them. He say’s “but there must be tens of thousands of starfish on this beach. I’m afraid you won’t really be able to make much of a difference.” 

Just as the old man finished what he was saying, the little boy bends down and clutching another starfish, he turns to the old man. He smiles, nods and winks and then tosses it into the ocean and says, “It made a difference to that one!” 

Meet Hippo Jones, the Pay-it-forward concept! The make a difference to one attitude! The belief that we can change the world! Better yet, WE WILL!! 


Click here to learn more about Largest Heart and how you can do your part in paying it forward.

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